About Me:

Kristen Ramezzana is a Witch, Shadow Work Coach, Past Life Regressionist, and Manifestation Expert. Kristen uses her spiritual gifts as well as years of education and experience to help clients awaken their spiritual power, heal their trauma, uncover their soul purpose and manifest their deepest desires! She believes that it is everyone’s birthright to be deeply connected to their magic and intuition, and to live out their wildest dreams!


Kristen went from being severely burnt out, deeply unhappy, and extremely out of alignment with her business, purpose and life to: 


- discovering her soul purpose in this life and healing anything holding her back and keeping her small

- manifesting not only one, but TWO deeply soul-aligned businesses

- attracting money and soulmate friends & clients with ease 

- feeling more love, passion and fulfillment than EVER before


And now it's YOUR turn to experience a massive upleveling!


By helping you excavate your shadow (unconscious mind), raise your vibration and reprogram your subconscious mind, you are then free to meet yourself on the deepest possible level, and manifest with ease from a place of your Higher Self! Combining insight from her own healing journey, as well as years of experience with clients, Kristen has developed her life-changing signature program, SOUL ALCHEMY. The program is 11-weeks long, and is comprised of 3 phases:

  • heal your trauma from this life & previous lives
  • discover your Original Wound and how iterations have played out throughout many lifetimes
  • start removing blocks, fears & resistance
  • meet your Spirit Guides, Power Animals & Higher Beings
  • raise your vibration & start healing your chakras
  • find out what is in your Soul Contract
  • renegotiate the parts of your Soul Contract that are holding you back & keeping you stuck
  • retrieve pieces of your soul that broke off during times of major trauma
  • uncover your soul purpose & unique gifts in this life
  • continue raising your vibration & healing your chakras
  • decide what your soul desires to manifest, from the lens of your Higher Self
  • learn the Pillars of Manifestation and exactly how to become an energetic match for your desires
  • discover exactly how to experience a quantum leap, without burning out or feeling like you have to force things
  • rewire your brain to rid yourself of all limiting beliefs

Is SOUL ALCHEMY right for you?

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